Panels are delivered according to Delivery Contract. Cost of delivery may vary significantly if goods are shipped to locations with no road surface. In case the shipping time specified in the Contract is exceeded, compensation payments are possible. Our manager will inform you  of delivery details at the time of order.

Please be advised to contact our manager on the phone if you want to order or reserve SIPs.

Shipment of SIPs from our warehouse is carried out by our company. Unloading at the delivery point is performed at the customer’s expense and organized by the customer. Therefore you may need to arrange for the unloading of panels in advance. SIPs are relatively light (about 50 kg) – two persons can comfortably carry them. If 80% of kit home SIPs have been sawed according to the project, SIPs are even easier to carry.


Before accepting goods they must be checked for defects and compliance with the characteristics specified in the contract.

If you find that some of the characteristics do not match the claimed ones and it is confirmed by our specialists, you can refuse to accept  the goods and receive a compensation. If you find any faults after the start of installation, the company will not be able to indemnify the cost of SIPs but we will consider the customer’s appeal in any case.


In the event that the customer cancels the order for reasons beyond our control after the panels have been shipped to the installation site, the customer pays the shipping costs. If goods are returned through the company’s fault, the company will cover delivery costs.