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Multipurpose and easy building material

Our company has developed a unique product – SIP BLOCK, which has no analogues. It allows the end user to build any buildings without using additional technical means. It is the innovation that makes the product accessible and universal for consumers. High strength of SIPPU blocks is the ability to withstand weight and seismic loads. The bearing capacity of sandwich blocks is not lost for 80 years or more.

SIP-BLOCK is a multilayer building material made of OSB boards and insulation layer inside. Outer layers of the SIP block are made of moisture-resistant OSB, which provide it with the required rigidity. It allows you to build houses with several floors.

Technology presentation

Our innovation, and instructions for its use

SIP-blocks for building construction. What can this building material give? Will it be able to supplant other construction technologies?
Consider the properties and capabilities of this new building material

House with SIP blocks

Main advantages of structures made of this material

  • Affordability: construction costs are relatively low.
  • Minimum construction time – a warm house for 1-2 weeks!
  • SIP houses do not shrink, so you can start finishing work immediately after cleaning.
  • Light weight of SIP blocks.
  • Lightweight foundation: a screw foundation is installed in 1 day!
  • Easy to assemble, no special equipment required.
  • You can build all year round.
  • Minimal landscape damage.
  • It is comfortable both in cold and in heat in a house with SIP.
  • Rooms in a SIP house heat up quickly.
  • No powerful heating and air conditioning system required.
  • Reliability and unpretentiousness in service.
  • A house made of SIP blocks is extremely strong.
  • “Green technology” – with SIP BLOCK, you protect the environment.

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