It is recommended that kit homes be assembled by SIPPU partner construction teams. We are constantly increasing the number of construction teams throughout Ukraine. All SIPPU partners are tested for proficiency in SIP assembly. Quality of performance is controlled through customer feedback. The price of installation varies and depends on the team and project complexity. Why is it not worth looking for assemblers on the side? The reputation of our company depends on the quality of work performed by the teams we recommend. In case of self-assembly, or use of third-party construction teams, SIPPU only takes responsibility for the quality of SIPs and their compliance with their size according to the design documents. Please pay attention to our recommendations (on our website) for performing independent monitoring of assembly.

In case of self-assembly by a non-qualified team, assembly order is not observed, designer’s instructions are ignored and gross errors are committed. The construction is shaky and flimsy, and the so called specialists attempt to shift the blame on SIP panels. Our specialists can visit the construction site and point out assembly errors. Disassembly and subsequent assembly will be difficult and much more expensive for the customer.